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cover Jurnal ver 2 cover Jurnal okt vers 3Journal of Theology Sola Experientia is a double blind peer-reviewed theological journal that aims to support the growth of theological thinking in Indonesia. The Journal is a joint publication of the Jakarta Theological Seminary and the Association of Theological Schools in Indonesia.

The Journal Sola Experientia currently publishes twice a year in April and October with articles written in either Indonesian or English. Our long term aim is to be recognized as a nationally accredited journal by the Higher Education Board of the Indonesian Ministry of Education.Further, we also aim to be recognized globally, thus explains the use of the English written articles.

The articles that we accept to be published in Sola Experientia have the characteristics of:

1. The article has an important substance and contribution in developing the fields of theology, especially systematic theology.
2. The article has a contextual insight that contributes to the ongoing discussion of contextual theology in Indonesia.
3. The article is an academic paper with recent theological ideas.
4. The article has in-depth analysis and synthesis.

You can reach us at,

Postal Address: Jl. Proklamasi No. 27, Jakarta Pusat 10320, Indonesia (Unit Publikasi dan Informasi STT Jakarta)

Phone +62 21 390 4237 (ext. 213 or 209)

Fax: +62 21 315 3781

Email: jurnal@sttjakarta.ac.id; editor@jurnalsolaexperientia.com

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