Cheap Alprazolam 2Mg cover Jurnal ver 2Welcome to the website of the Journal of Theology of Sola Experientia. The Journal is a joint publication of the Jakarta Theological Seminary and the Association of Theological Schools in Indonesia.

Cheap Valium From Pakistan In one of Martin Luther’s Table Talks, he said, “sola experientia facit theologum.” The use of experience, or in this sense, personal encounter in understanding the Bible as a locus in theology is gaining more supporters of late. The pressure of understanding the Bible in high academic standards can put experientia aside. Luther reminded his students and friends to find the real message, not only through academic training, but also through prayer, meditations and personal encounter with God. Because theology also connects herself to the reality of life and context, the Journal uses the name Sola Experientia. We want to provide a place for theologians, especially Indonesian theologians, to express their experience in a high academic standard through their writings. This journal is a sort of continuation of the Journal Proklamasi (2001-2011), a theological journal published by Jakarta Theological Seminary. With this publication, we hope that Sola Experientia will contribute to the growing conversations of the academia world of theology in Indonesia.

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Lorazepam To Buy The Journal Sola Experientia currently publishes twice a year in April and October with articles written in either Indonesian or English. Our long term aim is to be recognized as a nationally accredited journal by the Higher Education Board of the Indonesian Ministry of Education.Further, we also aim to be recognized globally, thus explains the use of the English written articles.

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